30 Unique Cyborg Tattoos You Will Love

Cyborg refers to unnatural human beings. Among many science fiction films, half human and half mechanical human beings are also called biochemical human beings. Many people think that biochemicals are far away from us, but in fact, bionic technology has long come into our vision. Next, the author introduces some cutting-edge bionic technologies to let you see how far biochemical people are from us.

In early 2014, a female patient with rare orthopedic diseases in the Netherlands had extremely rare "skull thickening", and her growing skull seriously affected her life. Successfully received 3D printed skull transplantation and became the first human with artificial skull in the world. 75% of the patient's skulls were replaced by 3D printed plastic skulls, PEKK, which has high strength and heat resistance.

Researchers at the Israeli Institute of technology have developed an electronic skin that is 10 times more sensitive than human skin to realize contact application rather than substitutes. Sticking it on the skin surface will not feel uncomfortable, but also realize pressure, temperature and humidity detection. However, this kind of skin is still difficult to replace real skin, but it is very suitable for electronic prosthesis.

Cyborg tattoos are very popular. Cyborg provides many unique materials for tattoos. If you are interested in cyborg, you will like these cyborg tattoos I collected. Take a few minutes to browse these cyborg tattoos designed by tattoo artists all over the world, and you will find the one you like.

30 Unique Cyborg Tattoos You Will Love

Source: @adam_ruff