55 Pretty St. Patrick’s Day Nails Make You Happy

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17 every year, in memory of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The festival originated in Ireland at the end of the 5th century and has now become the national day of Ireland. With Irish descendants all over the world, St. Patrick’s day has gradually become a festival in some countries. The United States began to celebrate on March 17, 1737. The traditional color of St. Patrick’s Day is green.

Green is the festival color of St. Patrick’s day. Clover and Irish dwarfs are the symbols of the festival. Irish people who are optimistic and cheerful by nature will wear green hats, green clothes, draw clover patterns on their faces, and revel in every street. Happy music, colorful costumes, every March 17, Ireland is a festive atmosphere, full of songs and laughter in every corner of the city.

Today, we have collected 55 Pretty St. Patrick’s Day Nails. They are mainly green. They are very suitable for use on St. Patrick’s day. I hope you like them.

55 Pretty St. Patrick's Day Nails Make You Happy

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55 Gorgeous Money Nail Art Designs Make You Rich

The most indispensable thing in our daily life is money. We can say that we can’t live without money. We need to work every day to make money and then maintain our daily life. Have you ever thought or seen someone put money on their fingernails? You must want to know how it works. Today we have collected 55 Gorgeous Money Nail Art Designs, hoping to inspire you.

55 Gorgeous Money Nail Art Designs Make You Rich

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50 Classic Dusty Rose Nails to Fall In Love With

Dusty Rose nails are very popular. Rose is purple red with a little dark pink inside. In fact, as the name implies, it is the color of rose petals. In fact, many colors just express people’s feelings, such as grape purple, lemon yellow, apple green, etc. It is that everyone has their own understanding and feeling of color

Because the legend of rose is generally related to love, so rose has always been known as the symbol of love. And different roses have different feelings of love. There are many kinds of rose colors, and each color has a different flower language. Red rose is the most common rose variety. All along, in our impression, red rose language is love. The understanding of red rose language has almost completely broken the previous concept. In fact, the flower language of rose is love. As the most common rose variety, red rose means red rose in daily life.

50 Classic Dusty Rose Nails to Fall In Love With

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50 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs Just For You 2020

Valentine’s Day is a festival about love, romance and flowers, chocolate and greeting cards. On this day, men and women send gifts to each other to express their love or friendship. Valentine’s Day dinner dates usually represent the key to a relationship’s development.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’m here to wish you all a happy Valentine’s day. Valentine ‘s Day is to go out with your boyfriend, of course, but you must dress very well before you go out. Are you ready for your Valentine’ s day dress? Valentine’s Day is inevitable to hand in hand, so do you have a good-looking nail art design? Today, I have prepared 50 manicures for you, which are especially suitable for dating. Each one is very sweet, fresh and romantic.

50 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs Just For You 2020

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55 Pretty Watercolor Tattoos to Inspire You

Watercolor tattoo is to combine watercolor pigments into tattoos. Watercolor gives people two senses, one is the sense of water: casual, smooth and transparent; the other is color: it gives people visual impact and stimulates the brain. Watercolor tattoos and ink tattoos can be said to be very similar, but watercolor tattoos change the color black gray into color.

Watercolor tattoo is like a palette of painters, and it is also like splashing color materials on it, so it is also called splashing Ink Tattoo. In addition, the colorful style of watercolor tattoo can be far away from the black outline or thick lines, so this style of work gives people a soft feeling compared with the ink tattoo.

55 Pretty Watercolor Tattoos to Inspire You

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