30 Pretty Wasp Tattoos to Inspire You

When we saw wasps, many people were scared. This is understandable, but understanding the symbolic meaning of the wasp can help with phobia or fear of these insects.

To reveal the symbolic meaning of animals provides us with new insights into life and life lessons. Even wasps have symbolic information to offer us. Of course, wasps aren't the top 10 most popular animal totems or guides, but do some research and you'll find that the wasp is a highly respected symbol in many cultures.

In some African traditions, wasps are symbols of evolution and control of our living environment. Some American Indian tribal myths refer to wasps as creators of the earth and as symbols of order, organization, and productivity.

Ancient European legends believe that wasps are an important part of pollination. Here, the wasp symbolizes fertility, because this species of earthly believers respects the role of wasps in certain plants and flowers. The golden season for wasps is spring, so it symbolizes a new beginning and the beginning of a new project.

30 Pretty Wasp Tattoos to Inspire You

Source: @j.l.imaginarium