30 Pretty XO Tattoos You Can Copy

The original meaning of XO is to represent the best brandy. As a network language, x stands for kissing, O stands for hugging, which means a kind of coquetry and intimacy. It is a pictographic expression of hugs and kisses, which means to hold one.

Network language refers to a kind of language produced or applied in network communication, including Chinese and English letters, punctuation, symbols, Pinyin, icons and text. This kind of combination often expresses special significance in specific network media.

At the beginning of the 1990s, netizens took the way to improve the efficiency of online chatting or the specific needs of humor and fun, and over time, they formed a specific language. Language norms only aim at the language symbol system itself, but can't restrict the language users' cognition. The basic principle of language norms is to start from the actual situation of social life and language life and the actual needs of communication, and can not be divorced from the essence of language, the most important tool of human communication.

The existence and use of language, fundamentally speaking, does not matter whether it is reasonable or unreasonable, just to meet the needs and easy to use. The development and change of language is the product of the development and change of society and human thinking. It is a convention and does not depend on human will.

30 Pretty XO Tattoos You Can Copy

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