30 Pretty Baphomet Tattoos to Inspire You

The sheep head demon Baphomet, one of the famous demons in Christianity, is the most well-known sheep head demon. In the tattoo industry, Baphomet tattoo is very common, but little is known about the meaning of Baphomet tattoo. Today, let’s introduce to you what the meaning of Baphomet tattoo is.

In the legend of witchcraft, Satan, the demon king, often turns into a sheep and is used by witches to worship at the place where witches meet. Therefore, Baphomet is regarded as the disseminator of dark magic in the middle ages, the host of demon summoning ceremony, the goat’s head and forehead with a pentagram, a torch between the two corners, a female’s chest and a Hermes stick in the abdomen. He is almost a complex of all demons, even known as the “second original sin”, ranking in hell, Second only to the chief demon like the Demon Knight Leonardo.

In the 14th century, the Templars were so crazy that they were accused of being executed. Therefore, the king and Church of France won the great property of the knights, which was also the “biggest heresy case in the Middle Ages” in 1307. In fact, this is the dark middle ages. The church heresy tribunal artificially established the “sheep head demon Baphomet” in order to combat heresy.

In fact, Baphomet has the meaning of representing “wisdom”. You should know that Alexis Crowley, the greatest magician in the 20th century, once joined in the name of sheep headed demon Baphomet when he was in the magic Group Oriental Templar. So if you like, go get a tattoo of the sheep headed demon Baphomet! In addition to the “prestige” that can bring terror to you, this sheep horn demon Baphomet tattoo is also the embodiment of wisdom! Now the tattoo technology is so powerful. I believe that by adding some embellishments in the hands of tattooists, the sheep head demon Baphomet tattoo can also become various styles. If the creativity is good, it is a “exclusive” sheep horn demon Baphomet tattoo!

30 Pretty Baphomet Tattoos to Inspire You

Source: @astroo.emerald