30 Elegant Bluebell Flower Tattoos You Can’t Help Trying

Blue bell flower is distributed in most parts of the North such as the United States, Europe, Asia and Russia. In the west, bluebell flower is used to worship St. Dominic monastery. It is a kind of perennial Campanulaceae purple spot Campanulaceae, the flower body is blue purple. So what is the flower language and symbolic meaning of such a beautiful blue bell flower? Let's take a look at it!

One of the flower language of blue bell flower is visiting. Because its shape is bell shaped, it has two very nice names: "blue bell of Scotland" and "bell of goblin". At the same time, its shape also reminds people of the small bell in the porch of the house. When visitors visit, the bell will make a crisp sound, so the flower language of blue bell flower is "visit".

There is another saying about Blue Bell flowers. In some European countries, if girls are embarrassed to apologize when they quarrel with their good friends or mothers, they can bring a bunch of beautiful blue bell flowers to visit and express their feelings in flower language.

Blue bell flower is the lucky flower of friends born on August 4. The people born on this day are gentle, amiable and very popular. They are a fan of thousands of people. However, the friends born on this day should remember to find a good friend who can be trusted and made deep.

30 Elegant Bluebell Flower Tattoos You Can't Help Trying

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