30 Creative Octopus Tattoos You Will Love

Octopus is a very intelligent invertebrate, some of them can even distinguish themselves in the mirror. Although the octopus’s eyes grow at the back of the body, with eight tentacles and a slightly ferocious appearance, it is still the “favorite” of many tattoo lovers. What is the moral of tattooing this guy on his body?

Octopus has a ferocious character and appears as a destroyer in many movies and novels, but it is quite different to his children. After spawning, the octopus mother keeps close to her baby and stops eating until the hatching is completed. After a long hunger strike, it will die of exhaustion. Such maternal love is really great.

Octopus is the “little overlord” in the water. It is extremely powerful, resourceful, and aggressive. If you tattoo it on your body, you can give yourself wisdom and courage.

The octopus tattoo also has a unique and interesting implication: it symbolizes the love of freedom. Because Eros is the embodiment of God’s love, which symbolizes love and lust. After integrating the spirit of Eros into the personality, we can get absolute freedom.

30 Creative Octopus Tattoos You Will Love

Source: @a.wroobel