30 Pretty Capricorn Tattoos Give You an Unexpected Feeling

Capricorn is known as the constellation of the king of kings. It is the most patient, down-to-earth, but also very diligent. Usually unchanged, do you want something to dress up? Capricorn tattoo try it!

Capricorn is the sign that symbolizes the beginning of winter and the brightest of all constellations. Capricorn people are realistic and ambitious people with a strong spirit of selflessness.

Capricorn is a steady and down-to-earth type, they generally do not believe that they will encounter "pie in the sky" good things, so their success requires continuous efforts, step by step forward.

Capricorn is like a bottomless deep water. They usually carefully collect their great ambitions. Only when they get the position they want, can they dare to show their ambition and control power. They are born leaders.

According to legend, Capricorn is a sheep headed man who shows Zeus sheep. Because Capricorn in order to save their beloved goddess, with the goddess ran to the cursed endless lake, and finally become a half sheep half fish monster.

30 Pretty Capricorn Tattoos Give You an Unexpected Feeling

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