30 Unique Cassowary Tattoos You Must Love

There is no wonder in the world. There is such a bird in nature. Although it belongs to the same class as other more gentle birds, it is no less aggressive than beasts. Some people even died directly after being attacked by this bird.

The scientific name of this bird is cassowary. The reason why it brings such a great threat to mankind is that, unlike our common birds, cassowary is tall and has both sharp offensive weapons and solid protective measures.

Cassowary’s head has evolved protective horny helmets, which help them avoid being hurt by trees when walking through the forest. In fact, the shape of Turkey is similar to that of ostrich.

However, in the process of breeding in the zoo, the staff responsible for breeding cassowary are often injured. This is because cassowary has evolved sharp claws in a long evolution. Cassowary’s claws have three toes.

30 Unique Cassowary Tattoos You Must Love

Source: @anastasiarice