30 Unique Chopstick Tattoos You Must See

The standard length of chopsticks is seven inches and six minutes, which represents the seven emotions and six desires of our human beings and warns us to restrain our desires. Chopsticks have a history of more than 3000 years in China. They are tableware used in China for a long time. Chopsticks reflect Chinese culture, advocate the “unity of heaven and man” and pay attention to imitating nature.

A pair of chopsticks is divided into two, which represents that Chinese people abide by the concept of Tai Chi and Yin and Yang, and that everything is composed of two opposites. The combination of chopsticks means the combination of yin and Yang, which means a perfect result.

Chopsticks are the most common tool used by Chinese people, and they can help us hold food effectively. And chopsticks have many functions. They can not only be used to pick up food. In fact, chopsticks had a certain meaning when they were first invented. What are the three meanings of chopsticks?

The first is that chopsticks have the meaning of happiness. The second is that the upper part of chopsticks is conical and the lower part is square, implying eternity. There is also the third meaning of the unity of heaven and man.

30 Unique Chopstick Tattoos You Must See

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