30 Pretty Crystal Tattoos You Can’t Miss

Crystal is a colorless and transparent large quartz crystal mineral. Its main component is silicon dioxide, which is called “water spirit” in Buddhist scriptures. I think it will shine magic light. In our daily life, crystal is also our favorite. It can not only be worn by ourselves, but also be given away.

Amethyst represents the constant love, and is often used as a love stone between lovers. It also represents the guardian stone of love in western countries, which can give deep love to lovers and couples. The main functions of Amethyst are: calming emotions, helping thinking, concentrating and increasing memory.

The moral of amethyst is the sixth sense. We all know that people’s sixth sense is sometimes accurate, so it can increase the probability of success. It can mediate the two kinds of extreme energy, such as the relationship between the superior and the subordinate, and can also be used for the communication between parents and children.

30 Pretty Crystal Tattoos You Can't Miss

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