30 Pretty Dart Tattoos You Can’t Miss

Darts has a long history. It originated in England in the 15th century. According to records, the soldiers of the Roman Legion were sent to the distant British island by the Roman emperor, and the rainy British climate was not conducive to their long outdoor activities. So, in the shed, they threw their arrows at the target made of the cross section of oak tree, which gradually developed into the modern dart movement. On the other hand, darts evolved from a 10 inch throwing weapon used by British archers in close combat.

The third is related to specific historical figures. Henry VII, the king of England, was weak in constitution. Considering that hunting was dangerous and hard, he decided not to hunt any more. He made a kind of short handle dart gun to throw at the cross section of oak tree to achieve the purpose of fitness. Soon, the palace ministers also fell in love with the sport and gradually spread it to the people.

The modern darts movement appeared at the end of the 19th century. British belline Ganlin is believed to have invented the darts scoring system. In 1902, British player John Reid set a record of 180 points in a single round for the first time.

30 Pretty Dart Tattoos You Can't Miss

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