30 Pretty Dopamine Tattoos You Must Love

Love makes people feel relaxed and sweet, so many people yearn for a beautiful love. Many tattoo lovers like to use tattoos to express their love. Some people can tattoo lovers’ information, while others can tattoo lovers’ tattoos. But what I want to introduce today is a special kind of love tattoo, dopamine tattoo.

Maybe you are not familiar with the word dopamine. Dopamine is a substance secreted by people in love. It stimulates the brain to enjoy love, so many people think that dopamine is a symbol of love. So if you want to express your love, it’s good to have a dopamine tattoo.

However, some tattoo enthusiasts say that the form of dopamine has been fixed, so it may be too much the same. In fact, the creativity of tattoo is not in this pattern, but in one’s own mind. If you want to innovate yourself, just put more effort into it.