30 Unique Fishbone Tattoos You Can Copy

As one of the earliest foods, fish is an indispensable part of all life in the ocean. Fishbone tattoo is not a popular tattoo element in China. It is also called skeleton fish tattoo in western countries. Fish bones have no special meaning in Chinese culture. They often appear in Native Americans and other cultures. Fish bone tattoos are very popular with Native Americans. They symbolize the status of tribes. In some other cultures, fish bones are often regarded as a totem.

Although fish tattoos are very common, especially Koi and ubiquitous dolphins, fish bone tattoos are a more mysterious design. The delicacy of fish bones and their completely strange shapes show their extraordinary charm. Many people don’t understand its meaning, which makes them look more mysterious.

Unlike some traditional fish tattoos, fish tattoos are free in some cultures. They symbolize luck or ambition. Fish bone tattoos are usually more personalized, and the complete design of the head and tail is usually considered to have a playful side, but they usually have darker and more demanding edges.

The fish represented by fish bones is also very important. For example, the exquisite hippocampal skeleton looks elegant and exquisite, while the stylized standard fish bones are more masculine. They themselves are very eye-catching, but they have different meanings for different people.

30 Unique Fishbone Tattoos You Can Copy

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