30 Pretty Foxglove Tattoos You Will Love

The meaning of foxglove tattoo is secret love. Foxglove can be given to the object of secret love for a long time to express love. The flowers of Rehmannia glutinosa are unique and different from most flowers. Its flowers are clustered, very artistic.

Foxglove has many designs and colors, and each one is very bright. It can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the air, and make the indoor environment look more dynamic and full of vitality. Therefore, foxglove tattoo has the meaning of dedication and love, which is the attitude towards life.

The purplish red foxglove tattoo means lies. Foxglove has many flowers. The purplish red flower language is lies, which means betrayal and deception. It refers to disappointment in life or despair of love.

The meaning of foxglove tattoo is hypocrisy. There is a negative side in the flower language of foxglove. The flower language is hypocrisy. It means that when you treat your family, friends and relatives, you don’t pay your heart and do things falsely.

30 Pretty Foxglove Tattoos You Will Love

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