30 Gorgeous Gemstone Tattoos You Must See

Gemstone refers to the stone that can meet the requirements of jewelry after cutting, consultation, cutting, grinding and polishing. The characteristics and meanings of gemstones with different colors and materials are also different. Here is a brief introduction to the meaning and function of different gemstones.
Diamond refers to the diamond after discussion. Diamonds are beautiful and rare. Because the advertising word “diamond lasts forever, one will last forever” has become a symbol of love and loyalty, representing eternal love.

Ruby refers to corundum with red color. Natural ruby is very rare, so it is very precious. Symbolic meaning: nobility, love, benevolence. Ruby has the reputation of “king of gems”.

Sapphire is one of the corundum gems. Except Ruby 0, other corundum gems are called sapphire. It is called “sister gem” with ruby. The color of sapphire can be pink, yellow, green, white, or even a variety of colors in the same stone. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, constancy, love and honesty.

Emerald is a gem grade green beryl. It is the best member of the beryl family and is known as the “king of emeralds”. Emerald symbolizes kindness, confidence, kindness, eternity, luck and happiness. Wearing it will bring people a lifetime of peace. It is also a memorial stone for the 55th anniversary of marriage.

Opal is a golden emerald with “cat’s eye effect”. Opal is the most rare and precious kind of golden emerald. It is only produced in Sri Lanka in the world. The opal, also known as “dream seeking stone” and “Blessing Stone”, is surrounded by a cosmic halo, symbolizing love, strength, hope, blessing and friendship.

Jadeite, also known as jadeite, emerald and Myanmar jade, is a kind of jade. Its color is emerald green. It is called “Emerald” or purple, which is called “jadeite”. Different colors and different carving symbols have different meanings. Now most of them are kind and enthusiastic. Wearing them can be auspicious, ward off evil spirits and ensure peace.

On a opal stone, you can see the flame of ruby, Amethyst like spots, emerald like green sea and colorful. It integrates the beauty of gemstones and is beautiful. It symbolizes luck and implies a bright future!

30 Gorgeous Gemstone Tattoos You Must See

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