30 Perfect Handcuff Tattoos Make You Yearn for Freedom

Too many tattoo themes are derived from objects in life. It seems that this kind of design is becoming a new tattoo style, and the handcuff tattoo is one of them. Handcuffs are a common law enforcement tool in daily life, belonging to the control instrument, and the representative of police dignity. It is illegal to hide handcuffs in life, but in the tattoo industry, handcuffs tattoo is another fashion. Tattooing handcuffs on the body is a yearning for freedom and also a compliance with the law.

Handcuffs existed in ancient times, which were special tools for arresting criminals. In ancient times, handcuffs were used together with shackles to limit the freedom and range of movement of prisoners. Now handcuffs are also special items for law enforcement officers. The picture shows a modern handcuffs pattern. This tattoo adopts 3D tattoo style, which feels like a lifelike handcuff appears on the arm.

In the tattoo industry, you can find many different styles of tattoo design, in addition to the common tattoo design style, there are 3D tattoos, painted tattoos, and now there is a quite popular Chinese style tattoo. The so-called Chinese style is the use of ink style to make patterns. This handcuff is a typical Chinese style tattoo design, which is more meaningful than ordinary handcuffs.

Tattoo can be said to be a magical art, according to different tattoo and tattoo artist, to make a unique tattoo pattern. This is also a handcuff design, but it gives people a unique feeling. This design also uses black to depict the outline of the handcuffs, but it is more like a beautiful painting than the unique solemn momentum.

Handcuffs, as an instrument of police law enforcement, have certain dignity in itself. In life, ordinary people can’t have handcuffs, which is a kind of exclusive goods, but in the tattoo industry, you can design your favorite handcuffs according to your own preferences and personality. This tattoo pattern is to tattoo the handcuffs on the wrists, just like wearing the handcuffs on the hands, so as to alert yourself against crimes.

30 Perfect Handcuff Tattoos Make You Yearn for Freedom

Source: @abee_tattoo