30 Pretty Pear Tattoos You Must Love

Pear means never to leave, or even if two people are thousands of miles apart, they will miss and care about each other. Pear, also can be understood as the meaning of profit, meaning the arrival of wealth or good luck, is a kind of auspicious meaning.

If you don’t share pears with others when eating them, it means never to leave. Or if you wrap pears with cloth when eating pears, it means never to leave and always be together. So be careful not to share pears with others, especially lovers.

Pear can also be interpreted as care, although the homophonic pear is from, but the distance between the two people can not stop the determination to be together, even if they can not live together, they will care about each other, miss each other, the heart will be close together.

Pears can also mean gain. During the Chinese new year, we usually eat pears, which means that we can harvest wealth or get good luck in the coming year. It is a kind of auspicious meaning to spend the new year smoothly.

Pears have excellent therapeutic value. Eating pears can reduce the risk of cold and increase appetite. For the elderly, it can also prevent osteoporosis. At the same time, pears also have certain medicinal value. Pear meat can clear away heat and alcohol, pear skin can reduce fire, and pear seeds can increase memory.

30 Pretty Pear Tattoos You Must Love

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