30 Pretty Poppy Tattoos to Inspire You

Poppy tattoos are very popular. Poppy is a beautiful plant with green leaves, colorful flowers, graceful stems and tall capsules. However, the juice extracted from the capsule can be processed into opium. Therefore, opium poppy has become an important source of drugs in the world, and the beautiful plant poppy can be called the flower of evil.

Poppy plants can be referred to as Poppy, there are a large number of subspecies and varieties, the flower color is different, the number and shape of petals, the number of capsules, flower color is rich, petals are closely arranged, the appearance of the whole flower looks like a plush ball. Give people a fatal temptation.

The red poppy flower also has the meaning of comfort. You can choose to give it to your friends who need to be comforted to express your sincere sympathy, hoping that the other party can get out of the sadness and become happy again.

Beautiful and beautiful is the flower language of beauty poppy flower, which is suitable for giving it to the girl you like. It means that the other party is as beautiful and beautiful as the beautiful poppy flower, which makes us deeply fascinated and difficult to control our love for it.

30 Pretty Poppy Tattoos to Inspire You

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