30 Great Scarface Tattoos for Your Next Ink

The Scarface tattoo is very popular. Scarface is a thriller produced by universal pictures, a universal home entertainment company. Directed by Brian DePalma and starring Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, it was released in the United States on December 9, 1983. The film mainly tells the story of the Cuban refugee Tony who became an underworld after coming to Florida.

Tony, a Cuban refugee youth, fled to Miami in the United States and became a typical American street gangster who was not afraid of heaven and earth. Tony worked under a local drug lord. Because of his ruthlessness, boldness and meticulousness, he quickly won recognition for helping the boss accomplish several tasks and became the first right-hand assistant of the drug lord.

However, Tony was not satisfied with this. First, he took a big list from the drug lords in Venezuela, and then removed his own thorns one by one. His power continued to expand. When his boss felt threatened, it was too late. Tony killed his boss and unified the Miami drug market.

After Tony gained power, his character began to become suspicious. He was full of doubts about the people around him, even his close relatives and good brothers. Suspicion gradually led him to a dead end.

30 Great Scarface Tattoos for Your Next Ink

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