30 Pretty Star of David Tattoos You Must See

The star of David is a unified symbol of Judaism and Jewish culture, which can be seen from its title. The origin of this sign can be traced back to World War II.

During the Holocaust, the Nazis used a yellow star of David to mark the Jews. From all the German occupied areas, Jews over the age of 6 must wear an armband with the yellow star of David and “Jude” (German: Jewish) in the middle. Jews in occupied Poland must wear a white armband with a big blue satellite. In addition, they must wear similar signs on the front and rear of their clothes. Jews detained in concentration camps must also wear similar signs. It was from this time that the star of David became the symbol of the Jews – the symbol of strength and spirit of unyielding struggle to the end.

In modern Tantrism sects in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, China, the star of David was deified as a “goddess”. The Tantrism sect represented the star of David as a “tightly embracing man and woman”, a creation God with both sexes, one body, two heads and four arms.

In all regions and sects marked by the star of David, the star of David represents the “power of the universe”, with infinite power, ability, courage, kingship, creativity, language ability, etc. Of course, there is also a wandering pattern on the back of the tarot card, which represents mysterious magic.

30 Pretty Star of David Tattoos You Must See

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