30 Pretty Ballerina Tattoos You Will Love

Ballet, European classical dance, is transliterated from French. Ballet was born in the Italian Renaissance. In the second half of the 17th century, ballet began to develop and become popular in France, and gradually became professional. In constant innovation, ballet swept the world. One of the most important characteristics of ballet is that the actress points her toes when performing, so it is also called toe dance.

Ballet was originally a kind of dance for mass entertainment or square performance in Europe. In the process of development, it has formed a strict standard and deconstruction form. Its main feature is that the actresses should put on special toe shoes and stand on their toes. As a comprehensive stage art, ballet originated in Italy and formed in French palaces in the 17th century. Under the unified theme, French court ballet integrates singing, dancing, music, recitation and dramatic plot.

Today’s urban women not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay attention to fitness. Ballet has become a new favorite of urban women. The white gauze skirt on the stage, the beautiful toes, the difficult rotation, and the graceful curtain call off have always been the impression of ballet in my heart, which has accumulated into a kind of distant imagination.

From the point of view of kinematics, ballet is a kind of anaerobic exercise, and its strength of bodybuilding is incomparable to that of general fitness sports. The three factors of opening, stretching and straight ballet have the function of shrinking fiber, which can make people’s body more slender after training. It can effectively consume excess fat in the combination of movement and stillness, and create body beauty, thus attracting many fans.

30 Pretty Ballerina Tattoos You Will Love

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