30 Unique Boot Tattoos You Will Love

There are many kinds of boots, which can be divided into several categories according to style, fabric and height. They are: hooded boots, riding boots, cloth boots, leather boots and snow boots.

There are two kinds of boots worn by the Mongolian people, plain boots and colorful embroidered cloud inlaid boots. They are necessary for the Mongolian People’s production activities and daily life such as horse riding, grazing and milking.

The boot opening is wide. Felt socks and cotton socks can be covered in the boot to keep warm. It is suitable for wild grazing life. The boot face is short and easy to wear and take off. The soles of the boots are straight, and it is difficult to pedal on horseback. They are safe. They can prevent snakes, scorpions and dew in summer, step on snow in winter, and prevent sand and stones from pouring into the boots. When dealing with livestock, they can also prevent their feet from being kicked by them. Herdsmen wear these boots all year round.

Riding boots are made of leather and cloth. The toe of the boot is slightly upturned, the inside of the boot is wide, and the boot is thin. Riding boots are different from middle boots and high boots, and their appearance is decorated. The soles of leather boots are usually decorated with iron nails to prevent slipping when running on the grass; A layer of leather is added at the bottom of the cloth boots to enhance the fastness.

30 Unique Boot Tattoos You Will Love

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