30 Elegant Cotton Tattoos You Will Love

Many people know cotton tattoos, but they don’t know the flower language of cotton. In fact, the flower language of cotton is to cherish the people around you. Don’t regret not cherishing it after losing it. Cotton also has the meaning of love, glory, wealth and purity. It can be sent to lovers and friends to express our sincere feelings.

What we often say about cotton is not the pink or milky white petals of cotton plants, but the white fibers in the fruits after cotton flowering. Because this kind of fiber of cotton is very light and thin, it is easy to follow the wind to appear the situation of catkins, so there is a gag to cherish the people in front of you.

Cotton flocs let people feel sad, we may be like the cotton that flies with the wind, we can’t help but separate. Therefore, we should cherish the good time we can still have together in our daily life. Don’t wait for the loss to regret it.

Because the cotton is soft, and the fiber between each other is connected, just like the love between men and women. Cotton tattoo also has the moral meaning of love, which shows the emotion between men and women is difficult to give up.

30 Elegant Cotton Tattoos You Will Love

Source: @777.chili