30 Cute Dog Paw Tattoos You Will Love

Do you know how popular dog paw tattoos are? I still remember that when we were young, we played with stray dogs on the roadside, and when we got home, our parents told us to disinfect and clean them, because we were afraid that they would carry virus or something. But now, dog paws are not dirty, but become the trend of tattoo industry.

As you can see, young people now find that most dog paw marks are very good-looking and special. Because they also specially let the dog step on the paint, and then deliberately let his paws lead to a lovely plum blossom seal on his body. Then, before the pigment falls off, go to the tattoo shop and use a professional machine to carve along the edge of the claw with a laser, and it will be a great success.

But don’t say, compared with those dragon heads or fierce tigers and lions, it’s very special and elegant to use your dog’s paw print, which is also a very good design. If the dog’s paws had to be cleaned before us, now this brand-new sound pattern is another kind of human trust in dogs. If some people don’t want to use dog’s paws, it’s OK for the tattoo master to tattoo completely according to the appearance of dog’s paw mark.

Do not know the family has a dog, but also like tattoos after friends see that is not immediately let the dog step on the paint?

30 Cute Dog Paw Tattoos You Will Love

Source: @_sai_tattoo_addicts