30 Unique Dog Tag Tattoos You Can Copy

Dog tags are also called name tags in the military. Soldiers of American dramas often carry “dog tags”. Traditional dog tags are used for identification. Many soldiers feel that they are clanging, just like the ID tags hung by their pet dogs at home, so they are jokingly called dog tag, which was later used as slang for identification tags.

Dog tags are usually covered with black rubber rings. During the Vietnam War, in order to adapt to the tropical climate and avoid metal cutting the human body (those who have seen the all metal shell know how little the U.S. military wore in the Vietnam War), and avoid metal collision and sound to expose their whereabouts, they were changed to rubber coated dog tags.

Most end consumers of dog tags are hot-blooded young people who pay attention to fashion elements. They are not real dog tags. The customization requirements of military dog tags will be slightly higher. Laser names and numbers are used to identify soldiers. The existing high-tech technology equipped with chips can strengthen the protection of soldiers.

When some soldiers die on the battlefield, their bodies cannot be recognized or cannot be transported back to their motherland based on some factors, they will generally take away the soldiers’ dog tags and return them for disposal. The meaning of modern dog tags is mostly moral. Some will take a scenic spot as the theme of dog tags, so it is not surprising that some friends will take dog tags as hand letters when they go abroad. Some will be promotional gifts of brand merchants, and some will be printed with the logo of the team.

30 Unique Dog Tag Tattoos You Can Copy

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