30 Unique Freckle Tattoos to Inspire You

Freckles have long been regarded as facial skin defects, and girls will do a lot of things to remove or at least cover them. But from now on, freckles on your face are a sign of your fashion.

Speaking of freckles, I can’t avoid talking about the Irish. Irish people give the established impression of curly red hair, bright green eyes and wild freckles around the bridge of the nose. Freckles are small, flat, brown markings that are found mainly on the face and other areas usually exposed to the sun (i.e. shoulders, back and shoulders). Freckles are inherited. In theory, they can be inherited. But even if they are genetic, you will never see a newborn baby with freckles.

Tattoo is a new permanent makeup. What’s new is not the tattoo, the eyebrow and the eyeliner. So the semi permanent makeup will go into the field of freckles logical. According to newbeauty website, semi permanent freckle tattoos can use pigment instead of ink for a retention period of up to three years. Compared with the common freckles, freckle tattoo lovers prefer to choose a tattoo called “Rainbow freckles”. That is, add colorful color ink on the basis of freckles, so that the face is covered with colorful small spots.

Beauty has always tended to give women flawless skin. The reason why freckles are so different is that they deviate from the normal beauty track. They are leaving marks on young skin in the name of beauty.

30 Unique Freckle Tattoos to Inspire You

Source: @amorphicroots