30 Pretty Heartbeat Tattoos to Inspire You

Heartbeat tattoo is a very popular and unique tattoo design. The heartbeat line fluctuates up and down with each beat, creating mountains and valleys that symbolize inner feelings. The linear pattern of heartbeat is a simple line work, which can be integrated into other tattoo designs or exist independently. It is still a strong symbol of life and love. Heartbeat is also used to express the belief in music, art or a person, or the love of life.

In our life, we have seen many kinds of ECG tattoo designs, which either exist alone or are combined with other elements. I believe that the ECG test report is very familiar to everyone, it is like a filter, or up or down, forming a wave crest and trough. This kind of heartbeat design with ink style is also very attractive to tattoos.

Heartbeat can express a lot of emotions. The fluctuation of heartbeat is often associated with the notes of music. The sound and frequency of the heart beating frequently is like a beautiful music, so this unique design is also widely used in the tattoo industry. In the picture, the linear heartbeat chart, red heart and many beautiful notes are combined to form an intriguing tattoo pattern.

Heartbeat map is a very meaningful design, many tattoos like to use heartbeat map to express their feelings to the people around them, and some people express their vision of life. Because of these beautiful meanings, all heartbeat patterns are tattooed on the body by many tattooers. Heart tattoo can be a heart map composed of two patterns, a person or a couple. In short, it will be a very beautiful wish. The design of heartbeat chart is very common in both male and female tattoos, which can highlight the inner thoughts of men.

30 Pretty Heartbeat Tattoos to Inspire You

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