28 Pretty Lady Slipper Tattoos Make You Beautiful Forever

Lady slipper is a kind of ground orchid, and there are two meanings in flower language. One is thrift, the other is beauty. It has unique flower type, long flowering period and many varieties during flowering. Many cultivated varieties can bloom all year round and have high ornamental. Therefore, it is very popular. It has been widely cultivated and planted more. There is also a beautiful legend about lady slipper.

It is said that God has seven beautiful daughters. They happened to hear that there was a rich man in the world who planted many strange flowers and plants in his house. One day, they would sneak in and play when their parents were not paying attention, and didn’t rush back until God wanted to close the door.

At first, these flowers are very welcome to play inside and get along with each other very happily. But after a long time, they let go and jumped around in the garden. The flowers and plants trampled on could not grow normally. They were very angry.

One day, when they didn’t pay attention, they deliberately tripped them and hid their slippers to disguise themselves as petals. The fairies couldn’t find them, but they had to rush back before closing the door. After returning to heaven, he was questioned by God before he confessed the truth, so he would be forbidden to descend to earth later. Flowers and plants slowly return to life, and their slippers are left on the petals and gradually become lady slippers.

28 Pretty Lady Slipper Tattoos Make You Beautiful Forever

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