30 Unique Oogie Boogie Tattoos You Can’t Miss

OOGIE boogie man is the most evil character in the whole film of Christmas Eve. Santa Claus was sent here, but he did everything he could to abuse Santa Claus and finally threaten the lives of Santa Claus and Sally. When he lost the war with Jack, he revealed his true nature. He was just a monster composed of a pile of insects, wrapped in cloth.

OOGIE boogie likes to roll dice before leaving the factory because he is a gambler and has various casino equipment in his home. He has all kinds of insects in his body, including spiders and snakes. OOGIE boogie is a real sex wolf. He is attracted by Sally’s legs and keeps saying “cute”. The last bug in OOGIE boogie was trampled to death by Santa Claus. When he died, he kept saying “my bugs…”.

30 Unique Oogie Boogie Tattoos You Can't Miss

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