30 Pretty Piano Tattoos You Can’t Miss

What does piano tattoo symbolize? Different angles have different views. For a musician, it symbolizes a kind of soul and his whole life. For a person who does not understand music, it represents a mood and a feeling.

Piano is a kind of keyboard instrument originated from western classical music. It is widely used in solo, ensemble, accompaniment and other performances. It is very convenient to compose and rehearse music. By pressing the keys on the keyboard, the player pulls a small wooden mallet wrapped in felt inside the piano, and then taps the steel wire strings to make sound. The piano is known as the king of musical instruments.

In European countries, it is almost a cultural symbol for a family to own a piano. Piano is not only a high-end consumer goods, precious works of art, but also a decorative furniture. Modern rooms with cultural taste often do not need to be too well decorated, perhaps a piano can play a role in finishing the point.

30 Pretty Piano Tattoos You Can't Miss

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