30 Elegant Raspberry Tattoos You Can’t Help Trying

In rural areas, there are a lot of things to eat, whether it is planted or wild, the partners living in the countryside have a deep understanding, can find the delicious food of the season all the year round, raspberry is a very common fruit in rural areas, it can be directly picked to eat, can also be used as Chinese medicine or wine. Mature raspberry is close to positive red, some are black and purple, now it is its mature season, sour and sweet very delicious.

Raspberry is a woody plant of Rubus genus in Rosaceae. The fruit of raspberry is a kind of aggregate fruit, which has red, gold and black. As a fruit in Europe and America, it is widely distributed in China, but little known. It is only cultivated in Northeast China and rarely seen in the market. International market is known as the golden fruit. This kind of plant grows everywhere in the country’s mountain forest and along the path. Raspberry taste sweet and sour, and extremely fragrant. Raspberry is a kind of polymerized berry. It is tender, juicy, pleasant in color and rich in nutrition. It is the “third generation fruit” which is popular in the world at present.

30 Elegant Raspberry Tattoos You Can't Help Trying

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