30 Pretty Serotonin Tattoos You Can’t Miss

As a part of human history and culture, tattoo has lasted for more than 2000 years. Tattoos in life are mostly incredible. Now many people have tattoos. Do you know about tattoos? As a chemical student, what tattoos do you know about chemistry? Today, let’s go to see the tattoos related to chemistry and put the chemical tattoos on our bodies.

The most chemical tattoo is the structural formula of various chemical substances. The geometric shape formed by the regular lines of the structural formula is full of certain aesthetic feeling, and the chemical substance represented by it has a deeper meaning, which is very suitable for people to express some specific symbols or implied meanings.

Serotonin, often with dopamine tattoos. Serotonin molecular formula c10h12n2o, chemical name 5-hydroxytryptamine, is also a neurotransmitter, improve the content of serotonin can improve sleep, calm people, reduce irritability, bring pleasure and happiness, bring more happiness. The tattoos of dopamine and serotonin mostly mean love and happiness.

30 Pretty Serotonin Tattoos You Can't Miss

Source: @aarontylertattoos