30 Beautiful Star Tattoos Illuminate Your Life

Star is a kind of tattoo pattern that we often see, and it is also a very widely used material in tattoo art. It is simple and clear, but full of moral. What is the meaning of Star tattoo pattern?

It is said that the pentagram has five angles because each of its angles represents a planet: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. And many countries have the five pointed star pattern on the national flag. For example, China’s national flag also has five five pointed stars.

Five pointed star has the meaning of victory, so do five pointed star tattoo also has such a layer of meaning. The five corners of the five pointed star have 10 sides and the inner angle is 180 degrees, which gives people a symbol of authority, justice and fairness.

Of course, sometimes when people do tattoos, they will also express the stars with pentagrams, because when we look up at the sky at night, the stars are too far away, giving us the feeling that they are always like five pointed stars, emitting light.

30 Beautiful Star Tattoos Illuminate Your Life

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