30 Cute Manatee Tattoos You Must Love

Manatee is an aquatic mammal and one of the endangered animals in the world. According to the inference of scientists, manatees evolved from lactating quadrupeds on land 60 million years ago. They are closely related to long nosed elephants and hoofed rabbits.

The manatee is slightly like a whale in shape, with a body length of 2.5-4.0m and a weight of about 360 kg. Its head is large and round, its head has touch hair, its forelimbs are like fins, its hind limbs have degenerated, its tail is round, its whole body is smooth and hairless, its skin is thick, gray black and has deep wrinkles.

Manatees mostly inhabit the shallow sea, never go to the deep sea, let alone to the shore. Whenever manatees leave the water, they will continue to shed “tears”. But what they shed is not tears, but a salty liquid used to protect the eyes.

They can’t live in cold water. The water temperature must be higher than 16 ℃. In winter, when the temperature drops, or for other reasons, they move to warm places. Manatees are typical herbivores. It eats grass like a rolled carpet, piece by piece, known as the “water weeder”.

30 Cute Manatee Tattoos You Must Love

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