30 Pretty Mushroom Tattoos Improve Your Temperament

The trace of mushrooms can be seen everywhere. What’s the special meaning of tattooing the umbrellas of different colors and the “little house” of elves on the body?

Mushroom symbolizes strong vitality and indomitable spirit. The mushroom in the weeds, although small, has experienced the wind, rain and sun, heat and cold, still thrive. Even if there is no soil, it will also appear in any humid and warm place, showing its strong vitality and endless life.

Mushrooms symbolize good luck and fortune. The shape of mushroom is like an upward arrow. It has the meaning of upward, full drum and mellow. It is called drum wealth and is generally used as an auspicious object. At the same time, it also expresses a kind of good wishes for the future generations.

Mushroom is a symbol of positive, full of pursuit of life. Positive mushrooms always have endless hope and unexpected warmth for this unpredictable world, hoping that they can live strong and free.

30 Pretty Mushroom Tattoos Improve Your Temperament

Source: @audrey_wilde