30 Pretty Cross with Wings Tattoos Make You Attractive

Cross tattoo is a very common tattoo pattern. It has been designed into a variety of styles of cross by tattooists, including totem type, striped, abstract, winged and so on. These cross tattoo patterns with different decorations are very popular, because it has a special meaning – symbolizing the eternal life.

Many people choose the cross as their tattoo pattern because of their belief. When the cross belief in ancient Egypt and Babylon entered Christianity, it retained the meaning of life and resurrection, and thus became a symbol of Christianity. The cross is the way of life that Jesus guides. It can defeat the devil and keep the devil away from himself. It also symbolizes the tree of life and is always safe and happy in the way of Jesus Christ.

The people who choose the cross tattoo pattern have lofty faith in their heart, with their own faith and a spirit of never flinching to defeat all “Satan”. If you have the same faith as them, it’s right to choose or design a cross tattoo you like.

In the Christian faith, wings generally represent the Holy Spirit. Here, the wings are the symbol of dove, and the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The Catholic church calls this kind of cross with wings “Holy Cross”. Today I bring you the Cross with Wings Tattoos, hoping to inspire you.

30 Pretty Cross with Wings Tattoos Make You Attractive

Source: @183ink